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TexWare:ERP for Textile Spinning

TexWare is a Textile ERP System that consists of following modules:


  • Account-It: Financial Accounting
    • Multi Company
    • Multi Branches
    • Financial Report Writer
      • Dynamic Financial reports
      • Notes to all reports with Graphs
    • Financial Budgeting
      • Monthly
      • Annual
      • Integrated with Account-It
      • Store Keeper: Inventory Management
      • Main Store
      • Spares Store
      • Integrated with Account-It
  • Cotton Purchase (Raw Material)
    • Local Purchase
    • Imports
    • Integrated with Account-It
  • Yarn Sale: (Finished Goods)
    • Local Sales
    • Export Sales
    • Integrated with Account-It
  • Fixed Asset Register
    • Varied depreciation models
    • Integrated with Account-it
  • Pay Day: Payroll
    • Leaves / Loans / Attendance /Contributions
    • Integrated with Account-It
  • Machine Maintenance
    • Integrated with Account-It
    • Security Management
  • Account-It: Financial Accounting

    This is the core of the whole ERP application and is used to manage the accounts of the whole organization. It is fully integrated with all other modules. Its main features include:


    • Multiple Company Support
    • Multi Branches
    • Company Setup
    • Customized Chart of Accounts (1 to 6 levels)
    • Separate Chart of Accounts for each company
    • Financial Year Definition
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit & Loss / Income & Expenditure Accounts
    • Profit & Loss Notes
    • Balance Sheet
    • Balance Sheet Notes
    • Bank / Cash Books
    • Payables / Receivables / Aging
    • Cost Center
    • Voucher Types
    • Voucher Entry
    • Year Closing Process
    • User Authority Restrictions
    • Voucher Authentication Levels
    • User ID Tracking System
    • Basic & Executive Reports
    • Financial Report Writer

      Report writer allows users to design and customize their financial report, and exports them to Microsoft Excel for further processing. Its main features include:


      • Flexible reporting
      • Flexible formatting & layouts
      • Export report in Excel worksheet
      • Easy trouble shooting
      • 100 % Customize able for users

      Financial Budgeting

      This module enable users to plan a budget against the past years performance.
      It rely on General Ledger to plan the next financial year’s budget. Its main features include:


      • Budget
      • Account Head Selection for Budgets
      • Draft Budgets
      • Plan Budget
      • Actual Budget
      • Budgeted vs Actual Reports

      Store Keeper: Inventory Management

      Store Keeper controls Inventory for Stores and Spares and General Items, at Head-office over the network connectivity with Factory or branch office. It tracks all store items coming in or going out of store. It is fully integrated with Financial Accounting System (GL) and Machine Maintenance Module. Its main features include:


      • 1 to 6 Level Item Charts
      • 3 Level Party Codes
      • Multi Stores / Sections
      • Purchase Demand Note (Purchase Indent)
      • Purchase Order
      • Inward Gate Passes (IGP)
      • Good Receiving Note(GRN)
      • Store Issue Requisition (SIR)
      • Outward Gate Passes (OGP)
      • Issue Returns
      • Purchase Returns
      • Store Sale
      • Voucher Posting (Accounts Integration)

      Cotton Purchase: (Raw Material)

      Cotton Purchase module will track the purchases of local and imported cotton. It will handle the gate passes, lab reports and payables. Its main features include:


      • Contracts
      • Demand Note
      • Store Purchase Order
      • Inward Gate Pass
      • Sampling E Delivery Ticket
      • Goods Receiving Note
      • Payment Against Contracts
      • Sales Tex Payment
      • WHT Payment
      • Receipt Vouchers
      • Outward Gate Pass

      Yarn Sale: (Finished Goods)

      Finished goods sales and sales of waste are managed by the Yarn Sales Module. It tracks the sale process, party contracts, brokers and it can monitor sale vouchers and Invoices against parties. Its main features include;


      • Bulk Contract
      • Yarn Contract
      • Waste Contract
      • Yarn Production (RG1)
      • Waste Production
      • Purchase Contract for Sale Office (Yarn)
      • Dispatch Advise
      • Dispatch Document
      • Return from Party (Credit Note)
      • Debit Note
      • Yarn Invoicing
      • Waste Invoicing
      • Receipts Against Invoicing

      Fixed Asset Register

      Fixed Asset System keeps track of the fixed assets owned or leased. Fixed Assets include, Land, Building, Machinery, Office equipment, Furniture and Fixtures, Vehicles and other Assets. For financial and tax purposes, Fixed Asset System calculates depreciation and keep track of accumulated depreciation. It also produces journal entries for automatic transfer to General Ledger. Depreciation is the essential part of this system. System calculates depreciation with Straight Line Method. Its main features include; include:


      • Comprehensive database of Assets (detail, group, etc)
      • Addition, Adjustment, Write off and Disposal of Assets
      • Depreciation of Assets
      • Edit Lists and MIS Reports

      Pay Day : Payroll (Human Resource)

      This module generates payroll of employees. It handles employee history, loan history, leave history and their income tax issues. Its main features include:


      • Employee Master Record Entry
      • Employee Scale Management
      • Employee Profile Management
      • Shift and Timing Management
      • Attendance:
        • Daily Attendance Register
        • Monthly Attendance
        • Holidays Attendance
        • CPL Attendance
      • Loan management
      • Monthly Allowances/Deduction
      • Leave application and cancellation
      • Rest Day Change
      • Overtime Register
      • Non-Paid overtimeM
      • Non-Paid Salary
      • Substitution (Badli)
      • Substitution register
      • Staff Strength Control
      • Payroll Generation
      • Contribution
      • Salary preparation finalization

      Machine Maintenance

      rder to control the maintenance cost, preventive maintenance is managed through this module. Detailed description of all parts of a machine and its maintenance schedule are identified in this module. Reports and reminders are generated according to the schedule set and hence a productive environment is established. The inputs which can be given to this system are short listed as below.


      • Tasks
      • Sub Tasks
      • Work Order for Preventive
      • Maintenance
      • Break downs
      • Store Issue Requisition
      • Purchase Requisition

      Security Management

      Whole TexWare is wrapped with this module and it depends on application administrator / manager to whom access should be granted for which service and who should be allowed to view which report of a module. It is a useful tool for making database of the company safe from unauthorized access from within and out side of the organization. Audit trials and automatic logging of events helps managers to control application usage.

      Hardware/Software Requirements

      Server ConfigurationM

      • PIV 2.1 GHz or Higher
      • 512 MB RAM or Higher
      • 500 MB Hard Disk space
      • Windows 2000 Server
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

      Client Configuration

      • PIII 700 MHz
      • 256 MB RAM
      • 200 MB Hard Disk space
      • Windows 2000 Professional
      • For further information about TexWare(ERP) for Textile download the product brochure:
        Product Details
        TexWare Brochure