Offshore Team Setup


Knowing the fact that COVID-19 has hit your business very hard, it is time to revise the strategy and come up with something sustainable until this situation is over. Moreover it will likely take another year to get things back on track while business worldwdie are already struggling from last two years. If you are suffering from any one of the below, think to revise the strategy...NOW

  • Revenues are shrinking
  • Cost of maintaining the staff is getting higher
  • Overall impact in progress due to lock down
  • Low resource performance due to work from home
  • Sales are continuosly hitting the lowest in decades
  • Hard to find new customers
  • Profits are reducing due to extra costs
  • Taxes are increasing and subsidies are getting reduced
  • Unable to control performance, deliverable and timesheet for resources
  • Health facilities are not adequate and you cannot offer full SOPs in office

A simple business plan to setup an offshore team is not only easy but quick and cost effective so you do not need to worry about transition phase as we take care of it.

New Approach

A Win-Win Situation

Having an offshore team is something involves only few steps and you are ready to go.

  1. Identification of required resources: Short list number of resources that can work remotely and immediately, Define JDs (Job Descriptions) and qualification of resources that are needed in offshore team and salary range for each JD according to required experience. Also draft an organizational hierarchy for offshore team so that everybody knows his/her place in team
  2. Selection of Team: Acrologix will provide you short listed candidates for interview, final selection is always in your hands
  3. Team Setup: candidates list to be provided to Acrologix for arrangements of salaries and joining dates after some verifications
  4. Operations: Once resources are on board they can be fully managed by you in terms of reporting, timings, performance & deliverables on daily, weekly or monthly milestones providing you full control over your team

Services Provided by Acrologix

  • Visa arrangements to travel if & when needed
  • Office space
  • Power backups, High speed fiber internet, Phone and Fax, Housekeeping and Kitchen Services, Indoor Sports Activities
  • Implementation of SOPs for COVID-19

Why offshore Teams ?

  • Full time resources with almost half of the budget
  • Zero cost of government taxes ( Residence/Iqama, Ministry of Labor, Social Insurances
  • No compliance for hiring locals against number of foreign employees
  • Fully compatible with local timings and weekdays. Even public holidays…
  • Limited travelling and housing allowances
  • Best health care and in-office facilities
  • Full working environment
  • Availability of resources on Visit/Residence or work visa if and when needed